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Thoughts for Lifes Journey: A Book of Meditations on the Life of Christ, the Promises of God, the Christian Character and the Psalms Guidance

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George Matheson offers poignant messages on life and living in this series of reflections upon the divinity of Christ, Gods covenant with all of mankind, and the avoidance of wrongdoing and temptation. A superb selection of over 100 distinctive topics on religious and moral themes, Thoughts for Lifes Journey is a lively, eclectic book of faith. The topics are wide-ranging, positive themes including the attainment of humility, the good effects of kindness, and the beneficence of belief in Jesus Christ. Cautionary tales and anecdotes, with relevant quotations of Biblical scripture, also abound - many have a moral element intended to imbue mindfulness. Matheson is particularly interested in the many proverbs and life lessons found in the Biblical psalms - dozens of his meditations allude to, or focus chiefly or wholly upon, the wisdom found in these verses. These gems of insight are intended to form a wellspring of knowledge, which the reader can draw upon during times of hardship or difficulty in life.
Product Details

Author: George Matheson

Language: English


Binding: Paperback


Release Date: 2018-08-19

Pages: 92

ISBN: 0359034209

ISBN13: 9780359034208