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Trilogy of Awareness: Heart to Heart is Where We Start

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Review: "This book is a must read for anyone who loves fiction. These three short stories weave tales of fantasy, imagination, and take you on magical adventures to other times, places and dimensions. Give yourself or someone you love a wonderful gift -- Trilogy of Awareness, by Robert Cosmar. You wont be disappointed. Respectfully submitted, CJ Heck Trilogy of Awareness: Three fictional stories to inspire the imagination, awaken the heart, and give a glimpse of the eternity that resides in us all. Home: Where the Heart Is The tale of a young man from the planet Maldron who is banished to Garbon in another galaxy because he goes against the archaic values of his government. There he begins an adventure that leads him on a dangerous journey filled with life-changing challenges. He encounters a wondrous land of strange beings, makes new friends, and is ultimately given a magical parchment containing the answer for saving his people. Masters of the Park A despairing middle aged man rediscovers the importance of life with the help of a magical little friend in a park, where he unknowingly enters a parallel dimension designed for him alone. The Ghost of Woodstock Jimi Hendrix returns to help some young guitarists at a music camp near Woodstock. Through Jimi, the musicians discover the true magic, the vital key to releasing the music inside them.
Product Details

Author: Robert S Cosmar

Language: English


Binding: Paperback

Publisher: Barking Spiders Publishing

Release Date: 2011-09-08

Pages: 222

ISBN: 0983932050

ISBN13: 9780983932055