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Walking By the Spirit: Step By Step Through Galatians

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In "Walking By the Spirit" Daniel Fuller guides us step by step as he examines and expounds the text and the message of Pauls letter to the Galatian churches. While Professor of Hermeneutics at Fuller Seminary, Dr. Fuller wrestled with this text for many years in the context of teaching future pastors and theologians how to understand the original authors intended meaning. Todays serious students of Scripture can now benefit from his work as they engage with his methods and with the meaning he exposes as he unfolds the language and layers of Pauls arguments. "Walking By the Spirit" helps readers come to terms with the persevering nature of faith in Christ, penetrate the enigma of the phrase "works of the law," and appreciate the loving freedom available to everyone who is led by the Spirit in the steps of Abraham, the father of the faithful. By carefully unpacking the intrinsic connection between faith, behavior and Gods approval, Fuller provides readers insight into Pauls loving response to a difficult situation: the problem of cultural elitism. He demonstrates how this divisive attitude opposes Gods desire to bless people from every cultural background, why the way of living generated by this attitude is dangerous to the individual and the community, and what Christians can do to prevent this evil from damaging the people around them.
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Author: Daniel P Fuller, Douglas Knighton

Language: English


Binding: Paperback

Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

Release Date: 2016-05-18

Pages: 106

ISBN: 1533348324

ISBN13: 9781533348326