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Water-Powered Mills of Richland County

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This fascinating book is based on the work of Ohio historian D. W. Garber, author of Waterwheels and Millstones (1970). Garbers lifelong passion was documenting the age of water-powered mills along the forks of the Mohican River in Richland County, Ohio, often accompanied on research trips by author Robert Carter. Garbers grandson, author Michael Cullen, was often regaled with stories from those trips. Between the two authors, they have culled out the stories and pertinent details from Garbers notebooks - filled with research notes, contemporary newspaper articles, and numerous interviews conducted from 1920 through 1970 with old timers who remembered and were a part of that bygone era - adding to the tapestry of local history begun by early historians H. S. Knapp, A. A. Graham, and A. J. Baughman. The stories are an inspirational account of the importance of mills and touches on the lives and families who operated them in an area that was at one time considered the West. It is not necessary to be an historian or from Ohio to find this book, with its many period photos and illustrations, an interesting read.
Product Details

Author: Robert A Carter, Michael C Cullen

Language: English


Binding: Paperback

Publisher: Turaspublishing

Release Date: 2016-06-30

Pages: 254

ISBN: 0983234213

ISBN13: 9780983234210