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What Isabella Desires

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Marcus, Lord Roth, has everything - power, wealth, good looks, respect...enemies. He thrives on danger and lives life to the fullest knowing each day might be his last, for he carries a dark family secret which precipitates one simple rule - never fall in love... Then there is the woman who has always secretly loved him. Isabella Willoughby has always been a patient and proper lady. But patience and propriety never gained her anything more than friendship from the man she loves. Taking her courage in hand, she embraces her wilder side and is exhilarated to find the object of her desire sitting up and taking notice. If she could only steal one kiss, she'd die a happy woman. Unfortunately, someone is determined to make her reach that end. And with his protective instincts on red alert, Marcus is about to find out how hard one simple rule can be...
Product Details

Author: Anne Mallory

Language: English


Binding: Mass Market Paperback

Publisher: Avon

Release Date: 2007-07-31

Pages: 368

ISBN: 006124239X

ISBN13: 9780061242397