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When Will They Ever Learn?

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Chris Walsh When Will They Ever Learn? Is the warmly funny and often poignant true story of a young man in his first teaching post as he wrestles with the final hurdle to fully qualified teaching status the probationary year. His arrival at Colne Valley High School in the West Riding of Yorkshire in August 1972 sets the scene for an unforgettable series of triumphs and disasters at the hands of a variety of pupils, colleagues, friends and the pretty local girl who walked unexpectedly into his life. This nicely titles book takes us along the first faltering steps of a newly trained teacher, from the job interview through to some well defined and memorable moments, as the new boy finds not just his feet but a love life too. We meet his splendid Irish Mrs Malaprop of a landlady, vigorous in her campaign to root out immorality on her premises, and we witness the triumphs and embarrassments in the classroom battlefield. Gradually, a mixture of experience and cunning enables the young teacher to take command and even attract a kind of affection from his pupils, and you winder who has done most for the learning mentioned in the title. Huddersfield Examiner When Will They Ever Learn? Is a highly engaging book reflecting a more innocent age, and the desire to keep turning pages is irresistible. One can open it at virtually any page and be drawn into the world that is evoked. It shows how chaotic things could be back then, how much was left up to the individual teachers, and leaves us with a chuckle and a warm feeling inside. Its quite an achievement. Writers Workshop
Product Details

Author: Chris Walsh

Language: English


Binding: Paperback

Publisher: New Generation Publishing

Release Date: 2008-09-10

Pages: 220

ISBN: 0755204247

ISBN13: 9780755204243