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Wilderness War, The

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From Niagara Falls to Lake Champlain, the?nbsp;?nbsp;warriors of the mighty Iroquois ruled supreme. Not even?nbsp;?nbsp;the savagery of the French and Indian wars could?nbsp;?nbsp;cool their fury or halt their power. But by 1770?nbsp;?nbsp;the restless white men were warring once again.?nbsp;?nbsp;Thayendanegea, the valiant Iroquois war chief,?nbsp;?nbsp;allied his fierce tribes with the one white man the?nbsp;?nbsp;Indians loved and trusted, Sir William Johnson. Once?nbsp;?nbsp;more the frontier would erupt, pitting the?nbsp;?nbsp;Indians' unvanquished spirit against the white setters'?nbsp;?nbsp;relentless challenge. Allan W. Eckert's Narratives?nbsp;?nbsp;of America are true sagas of the brave men and?nbsp;?nbsp;courageous women who won our land. Every character?nbsp;?nbsp;and event in this sweeping series is drawn from?nbsp;?nbsp;actual history and woven into the vast and powerful?nbsp;?nbsp;epic that was America's westward expansion. Allan?nbsp;?nbsp;W. Eckert has made America's heritage an?nbsp;?nbsp;authentic, exciting, and powerful reading?nbsp;?nbsp;experience.
Product Details

Author: Allan Eckert

Language: English


Binding: Mass Market Paperback

Publisher: Bantam

Release Date: 1985-03-01

Pages: 0

ISBN: 0553252798

ISBN13: 9780553252798