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Windows Forensics and Incident Recovery

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As long as networks of Microsoft Windows systems are managed,administered, and used by people, security incidents will occur. Windowssystems are highly pervasive throughout the entire computing infrastructure,from home and school systems, to high-end e-commerce sites. In contrast tothis pervasiveness, information regarding conducting effective incidentresponse and forensic audit activities on Windows systems is limited. Whilethere are many security books available, none focus specifically on Windowssecurity. There are also resources available online, but they are scattered andoften too general. This book is a compilation of all the information currentlyavailable on this subject. It is for anyone who manages or administers Windowssystems (including home users) and needs to know how to react when theysuspect that an incident has occurred. It guides the reader throughinformation, tools, and techniques that are required to conduct incidentresponse or a live forensics audit activities. By providing the necessarybackground for understanding how incidents occur and how data can behidden on compromised systems, the reader will have a better understanding ofthe "whys" and "hows" of incident response and forensic audit activities. *It isimportant to note that regulatory issues are also pushing organizations towardbetter security and incident preparedness policies.
Product Details

Author: Harlan Carvey

Language: English


Binding: Paperback

Publisher: Addison-Wesley Professional

Release Date: 2004-07-31

Pages: 460

ISBN: 0321200985

ISBN13: 9780321200983