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You Die When You Die (West of West)

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You die when you die . . .

You cant change your fate -- so throw yourself into battle, because youll either win or wake up drinking mead in the halls of your ancestors. Thats what Finns people believe.

But Finn wants to live. When his settlement is massacred by a hostile nation, Finn plus several friends and rivals must make their escape across a brutal, unfamiliar landscape, and to survive, Finn will fight harder than hes ever fought before.

The David Gemmell Award-nominated author of Age of Iron returns with You Die When You Die -- an epic fantasy adventure in which a mismatched group of refugees battle animals and monsters, determined assassins, an unforgiving land and each other as they cross a continent to fulfil a prophecy.

I loved every second of it . . . More please, as soon as is humanly possible!. -- The Eloquent Page

Hugely entertaining. -- SFX

A rip-roaring, swiftly paced adventure set in a sprawling and beautifully detailed world . . . sure to win the devotion of plenty of fans. -- RT Book Reviews

The first book in Watsons new fantasy trilogy is raw, violent, and gritty . . . You Die When You Dieblurs the lines between hero and villain into who lives and who dies. He who survives another day wins for the moment; tomorrow might be another story. -- Booklist
Product Details

Author: Angus Watson

Language: English


Binding: Paperback

Publisher: Orbit

Release Date: 2017-06-20

Pages: 512

ISBN: 0316317381

ISBN13: 9780316317382