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You & Your Amazing Brain: A Book of Brains and How They Work

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A fascinating book full of insights into how the brain controls your actions, reactions and emotions in ways you've never imagined.

Get to know the grey matter that's living in your head in this brilliant book, full of astounding facts and detailed illustrations, taking you on a complete tour of our own brains as well as brains throughout nature.

You & Your Strange Brain includes an unusual mix of surprising science, history, natural world examples, cultural amusement and astonishing stories all focused on brains, intelligence and learning in humans and other animals.

Discover why you can't tickle yourself, why adults like foods they hated as children and how some sneaky creatures have the ability to take over the brains of other species.

Learn about the mechanics of the mind, the parts of the brain, memory, language, creativity and the role of sleep. Other topics covered include how the brain allows you to think, guess and make assumptions as well as how it copes with problem-solving, fear, stress, phobias and even optical illusions.

This truly detailed book is the complete guide into the workings of the brain, perhaps the most intricate and powerful organ in the whole natural world!
Product Details

Author: Clive Gifford

Language: English


Binding: Paperback

Publisher: words & pictures

Release Date: 2023-06-06

Pages: 80

ISBN: 0711283621

ISBN13: 9780711283626