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Your Last Diet!: The Sugar Addict's Weight-Loss Plan

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From the bestselling author ofPotatoes Not Prozacthis is thefirstdiet plan specifically designed for people who are sugar sensitive. If youve tried every diet under the sun only to watch your weight boomerang, take heart. You may have been born with a biochemistry that makes you more vulnerable to becoming addicted to sugar. The first weight-loss program of its kind,Your Last Diet!pinpoints what you can do to heal your sugar sensitivity once and for alland lose weight permanently in the process. Inside youll discover how to Increase seratonin and beta-endorphin levels for appetite and mood control Feel more confident, energetic, and clear-minded Lose weight steadilywithout rebounding Adjust eating habits for maximum health Filled with testimonials from people who have followed the plan, lost weight, and kept it off,Your Last Diet!is a powerful inspiration to all who have struggled with sugar addiction and weight issues. This will truly be yourlastdiet
Product Details

Author: Kathleen DesMaisons

Language: English


Binding: Paperback

Publisher: Ballantine Books

Release Date: 2002-11-26

Pages: 272

ISBN: 0345441354

ISBN13: 9780345441355